"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"
"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"

The Daily Dig for Wednesday, Feb. 18

Our favorite curmudgeon takes issue with a new government report.

J.P. Morgan riskiest bank: study

"I'm the riskiest? I got your risk right here!"
“I’m the riskiest? I got your risk right here!”

A new Treasury Department study identified J.P. Morgan as posing the biggest risk to the financial system, and it is well in front (but with company). Douwe Miedema reports.

How to leverage your crowdfunding supporters

Engaging your audience on their level is crucial if you hope to generate and keep momentum in your crowdfunding campaign. Dylan Thaemert explains.

Update on Kickstarter’s ‘Launch Now’

Kickstarter’s ‘Launch Now’ feature has been active for eight months. Brady Dale provides an update.

5 platform types fueling alternative finance

There are many different platform types seeking to meet the needs of borrowers and investors. Faircent CEO Rajat Gandhi looks at five.

Cornell startup aims to be link between unbanked and online bargains

The sheer number of  Americans without credit cards and therefore the ability to shop online makes them a potentially lucrative and under-served market. Cognical wants to meet that need. Bill Steele reports.

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