The Daily Dig for Thursday, Feb. 26

Racist and greedy banking practices, the evolving crowdfunding sector…

Plenty of news in Today’s Daily Dig

Bank sued for racist lending practices

Hidden racial criteria and larger amounts provided to whites with lower qualifications are among the charges in a lawsuit brought by the Fair Housing Justice Center against M&T Bank. Nikole Hannah-Jones reports.

Morgan Stanley fined $2.6 billion

The U.S. Justice department fined Morgan Stanley $2.6 billion for its’ role in selling mortgage bonds before and during the financial crisis. Justin Baer reports.

Kickstarter – It’s just not for unknowns anymore

Pebble’s recent success on Kickstarter is another example of the platform moving further away from its’ original purpose. Issie Lapowsky reports.

UK P2P profits much better than bank interest

Data from UK alternative finance analyst Altfi Data show the average P2P investor made 5.09% last year. David Prosser reports.

Crowdfunding projects set records

For Kickstarter it was Pebble Time, while on Indiegogo Flow Hive set the mark. Get more details from Brian Solomon.

Bank of England muses on national cryptocurrency

In a discussion paper looking at ways to modernize banking approaches the Bank of England suggests there are benefits to issuing national cryptocurrencies. Simon Sharwood reports.

New U.S.-based banking app aims to modernize American banking practices

BankMobile wants to capitalize on the wave of alternative banking happening in much of the world, but not yet in the United States. Esha Chhabra reports.

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