The Daily Dig for Saturday, Feb. 28

Cop pulled off cold case for crowdfunding DNA test

An Indianapolis police detective was pulled off a 20-year old murder case because he crowdfunded a DNA test after municipal officials refused to. Jill Disis explains.

Early Lending Club backer funds Bondora’s European expansion

David Gallo’s hedge fund is helping Estonia-based Bondora expand in Europe. Tracy Alloway reports.

Houston-based equity crowdfunding platforms set to launch

TruCrowd and Crudefunders are poised to take advantage of new state laws enacted last year in Texas. Joe Martin reports.

Entrepreneurs share lessons learned

Looking back, many entrepreneurs would have allotted their time differently. George Deeb shares some of the lessons.

Traction’s not all that

In many cases, traction is little more than a buzzword but its prominent use in the startup world bothers Kirill Sheynkman.

How to be a productive entrepreneur, not just a busy one

The old dictum “Work smarter, not harder,” should be remembered in a business world displaying too much of the latter and not enough of the former. Martin Zwilling reports.

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