The Daily Dig for Thursday, March 5

2014 mobile banking growth studied

GSMA has studied the growth of mobile finance and issued its 2014 report. Among its findings are there are 255 mobile money services operating in 89 countries. Download the report here.

Real estate crowdfunding could more than double this year

After topping the $1 billion mark in 2014, real estate crowdfunding could reach $2.5 billion this year. Catherine Clifford reports.

Yellen claims big bank supervision a high priority

Janet Yellen is concerned about big bank ethics and the risks they pose. She stops short of saying they could be broken up if they don’t change, so take those concerns for what they’re worth. Victoria McGrane reports.

Less and less peer in peer-to-peer

Back in the first years of peer-to-peer lending, most if not all lending was fractional – dozens of individuals combining in one loan. Only one-third are still fractional today as institutions and algorithms take over. Shelly Banjo reports.

UAE P2P industry taking baby steps

The peer-to-peer lending industry in the United Arab Emirates is slowly progressing, writes Mahmoud Kassem.

The 5 top European crowdfunding centers

While the United Kingdom is still the region’s dominant player, other areas are exerting more influence. David Prosser reports.

Predictability ruining big bank stress tests?

The uniformity of data coming in from stress tests suggests banks are manipulating the results or the whole process is much too predictable. Owen Davis reports.

New Zealand P2P Harmoney enjoying solid growth

Harmoney, a leading P2P from New Zealand, keeps growing and is a respected regional player. Harmoney CEO Neil Roberts discusses their success.

Goldman Sachs report warns of ‘shadow banking’ dangers

Among the dangers is the risk to $11 billion profit currently enjoyed by banks. Clayton Browne reports.

One slide you need in your VC pitch

A nice summary slide at the beginning of your investor pitch can set the stage and serve as a guide for the session, writes Martin Soorjoo.

Too many meetings?

George Deeb has been there and offers solutions.

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