The Daily Dig for Wednesday, March 11

How banks mine data and what they look for

While a bank spinner might say it helps them serve you better, many others do not like bank data accumulators parsing every bit so they can predict our every action. Teddy Nykiel reports.

Banks even making money on stress tests

Some bank shares rose after successful stress test results. Deon Roberts reports.

Strong crowdfunding demand causing U.K. regulatory backlog

Prospective U.K. crowdfunding platforms are waiting up to six months for the government okie dokie. It could get worse, writes Sean Farrell.

Crowdfund your pension?

Edward Siedle looks into the possibilities.

New U.K. platform manages investments

It took a lot of work, but Nutmeg is now managing portfolios in the United Kingdom. Peter Lee explains.

Investors like these entrepreneurial mindsets

Counter-intuitive thinking is one characteristic potential investors like in entrepreneurs. Martin Zwilling has a few more.

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