Crowd Valley shifts report from ‘crowdfunding’ to ‘digital investing’

crowdvalley_logo_highresEach quarter, online investment marketplace innovators Crowd Valley releases a report which looks at trends in the crowdfunding industry based on the requirements of a cross section of clientele they worked with in that quarter.

Crowd Valley’s Chief Marketing Officer Alessandro Ravanetti introduces their latest report:

Crowd Valley has been producing these quarterly reports on the global crowdfunding market for one and a half years. Thanks to the company’s international reach and global approach, the reports have been helpful in identifying major market trends.

It is interesting to observe this new field evolving  quarter by quarter. However, there are some trends that have been constantly growing over the last year.

One is the fact that a more and more diverse base of actors is demanding digital investing services. Previous reports indicated an increasing demand from the traditional finance actors, such as banks, private equity funds, and investment managers, to name a few. This clearly signals that the financial sector is getting more open to online investing, which can be easily considered an evolution of their core businesses.

For this reason, Crowd Valley thinks that the term “crowdfunding” no longer properly defines  the actual market and its more sophisticated evolution, which is far from the creative projects and start-ups world where crowdfunding started to be noticed .

We think “online investing” or “digital investing” is a broader and better definition to indicate how the world of investments and early stage finance is shifting towards a new paradigm. As a consequence Crowd Valley changed the title of its the report which from this version on will be called “Global Digital Investing Market Report”.

Download the Q4 report here.

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