The Daily Dig for Sunday, March 15

While tiny, today’s Daily Dig packs a punch with four examples of where altfi is headed.


Prosper’s Suber, Canaan among new platform’s backers

EVEN Financial has attracted some heavy hitters for their $2.8 million seed funding round. The platform focuses on supply side infrastructure. Steven Loeb reports.

Lending Club partnering with home improvement site to offer loans

Lending Club and HomeAdvisor are teaming up to offer home improvement loans to HomeAdvisor patrons. Ron Finberg reports.

Industry sectors ripe for cloud disruption

Certain industry sectors lend themselves to disruption from cloud-based technologies. Gordon Ritter has more.

Equity crowdfunding site specializes in agricultural projects

California Safe Soil turned to AgFunder when it wanted to raise capital. Mark Anderson reports.



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