The Daily Dig for Friday, March 20

Asia working harder to reach unbanked

There is a dire economic cost in having hundreds of millions of unbanked people in Asia. Decision makers are starting to take steps to address that. Tom Wright reports.

Seven reasons why you should have a mentor

Learn from others’ mistakes without having to make them yourself is but one piece of advice from Travis Steffen.

The importance of milestones and tasks

The proper identification of goals, milestones and tasks helps keep busy entrepreneurs and investors focused on the most important things. Alex Iskold explains why.

South American and African initiatives targeted unbanked have first world implications

Many people, even in the United States, are not participants in the traditional banking system. Might we be able to learn from efforts in Brazil and Nigeria which target their unbanked? Bethan Cowper reports.

Tarullo calls out big banks while big banks warn such talk damaged market confidence

Federal Reserve Board Governor Daniel Tarullo publicly called out Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley for continued participation in commodities. “Don’t do that,” banks say. “It hurts market confidence.” Mark Melin reports.

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