The Daily Dig for Monday, March 23

U.K. real estate crowdfunder attracts investment

In three years The House Crowd has refurbished 121 rental properties. With a minimum £ 1,000 ante, they are proving a hit with property investors. That has the attention of big investors, who are backing the platform with big money. Sophia Taha reports.

Why Lending Club won’t get their loans rated

They argue their rating system is more transparent. That is good for everyone, writes Charles Moldow.

Chinese set aside millions to brace for P2P fallout

Fraud and insolvency in the Chinese P2P sector are much too high, so Beijing is setting aside some money to protect against future damage, writes Cesar Tordesillas.

U.K. P2P savers to get tax breaks?

Surveys say a good number of people in the United Kingdom are willing to invest with P2P platforms, provided they get the tax breaks. They’re coming, writes Simon Bain.

Ferguson businesses see mixed results from crowdfunding

Many Ferguson-area businesses turned to crowdfunding to get them up and running after the riots ended. Not all were successful, write Ben Kesling and Leslie Josephs.

Vikram Pandit likes fintech’s chances

A loss of public trust in traditional institutions and a new regulatory environment have set the stage for fintech to flourish, Vikram Pandit says. James Eyers reports.