The Daily Dig for Wednesday, March 25

Top Brazilian mobile companies offer payment solutions for unbanked

One company estimated the unbanked represent half of their prepaid base. Pedro Ozores reports.

Not all small business owners embrace crowdfunding

Many small business owners are not aware of alternate funding options, while others do not trust them, Christine Parizo reports.

Big banks absent from big merger

Kraft and Heinz somehow managed a merger without the assistance of big banks. Maureen Farrell reports.

Smaller banks attack big players as part of ad strategy

Smaller banks are increasingly using the big bank bailouts, high fees and lack of empathy for Johnny Lunchbox in ad campaigns with the goal of attracting people to what they hope is a better level of service. Ashley Rodriguez reports.

2016 hopeful calls for big bank breakup

Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley wrote an op-ed in an Iowa newspaper calling for big banks to break into smaller, more manageable institutions. Scott Galindez reports.

Real estate crowdfunding primer

If you are asking yourself what the big deal is about this real estate crowdfunding, Vanessa Grout explains.

EU approaching cross-border crowdfunding

Imagine businesses being able to recruit investment from beyond local borders. If only…It’s closer to happening in Europe. Read more here.

New U.K. RECF gets cash infusion

Property Partner recently secured £5.2 million in funding to further develop a “global stock exchange” for residential properties. Antony Savvas has more.

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