The Daily Dig for Friday, March 27

Authorities struggle to define and regulate altfi

While some use the hazy term “shadow banking” to define any concept outside of mainstream finance, others recognize important distinctions. That makes effective regulation a challenge. Huw Jones reports.

3 wave-making altfi sectors

With plenty of room yet to grow, these three areas of alternative finance are already making waves, writes Rakesh Sharma.

Large Chinese loan guarantor probed for excessive risk

A provincial government-controlled firm was put under the control of another while it gets reviewed for excessive risk taking which could leave it vulnerable. Steven Yang and Aipeng Soo report.

Web-based infrastructure quietly making large impact

Often unheralded, especially when compared to their end-product brethren, financial infrastructure startups are helping outdated financial systems enter the 21st century. Karl Antle reports.

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