"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"
"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"

The Daily Dig for Friday, April 10

Prosper enjoys $165 million Series D round

After being in the shadows of Lending Club’s IPO, Prosper made news of its’ own with the completion of a $165 million Series D round. Maria Aspan reports.

Heavy hitters back new P2P intermediary

Several Wall Street executives are backing PeerIQ, a new startup aiming to be the data provider for the P2P industry. Telios Demos has more.

Dimon warns shareholders of alt-fi competition


In his latest shareholder letter Jamie Dimon warns of the threat posed by an alt-fi industry hell-bent with taking on Wall Street. Alyson Shontell reports.

Fintech firms raise $1.33 billion in Q1

Fintech firms raised $1.33 billion last quarter, an increase of more than 25 percent from the same period in 2014. Anna Irrera reports.

Crowdfunding sites split on campaigns for Scott shooter

Supporters of the South Carolina police officer who shot Walter Scott are trying to raise money for him on different crowdfunding platforms. One site is fine with it, another is not. Meg Graham reports.

Equity crowdfunding’s Canadian potential

Canadian businesses are slowly coming around to all types of crowdfunding but are well behind the U.S. in embracing it. Lawyer Taran Aujla explains equity crowdfunding for a Canadian audience.

Kickstarter rejected more than 50% of 2014 copyright claims

Kickstarter rejected more than half of the 282 claims filed with them relating to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Cyrus Farivar has more.

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