The Daily Dig for Thursday, April 16

Team India crowdfunding to get to Asian ice hockey championships

When one thinks of India, ice hockey is not the first thing to come to mind, but people play it and are fund raising to make it to the championships. Colleen O’Shea reports.

Chicago session to discuss Regulation A+ impact

Chicago’s investment crowdfunding community gathers next week to learn more about Regulation A+. Jorge Newbery has more.

Chinese P2P approached $10B valuation after latest funding round

American and Chinese interest have invested in Chinese P2P Lufax, giving it a valuation of just under $10 billion. Rick Carew and Telios Demos report.

Chinese P2P planning $300 million IPO?

Another Chinese P2P is rumored to be planning its own IPO. Read the Bloomberg report here.

Hoenig says relief seeking banks should meet strict criteria

FDIC official Thomas Hoenig says banks seeking relief from Uncle Sam should meet certain standards in order to qualify. Ryan Tracy reports.

Lending Club IPO proof P2P here to stay

The Lending Club IPO is further proof peer-to-peer lending is likely to stick around, yet relatively few Americans are aware the industry even exists, Blue Elephant’s Brian Weinstein tells James Williams.

Summers bullish on P2P

Larry Summers is big on peer-to-peer lending, a concept shaking up an industry whose last big achievement was the ATM, writes Chris Matthews.

Student borrowers benefiting from fintech

With 11 platforms dedicated exclusively to student loans, consumers are winners, writes Stephen Dash.

Former startup now owned by big bank disses big banks

Simple, whose marketing shtick involved reminding people who caused the financial crisis, is owned by global banking network BBVA. Shelly Banjo reports.

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