The Daily Dig for Monday, April 20

Food for thought from around the world in today’s Daily Dig

Larry Summers takes opportunistic stance on P2P

The Larry Summers keynote at LendIt drew attention. The author of policies which contributed to the recession is now capitalizing on the opportunities arising from its aftermath, writes Jeremy Quittner.

India can benefit from P2P

India’s rich history in community-based financing initiatives sets it up well to reap the benefits of increased use of peer-to-peer lending systems, writes Rajat Gandhi.

RocketHub sold for $15 million

Entrepreneurship resource center EFactor has purchased RocketHub for $15 million. Catherine Clifford has the details.

Controversial crowdfunding campaigns highlights host site responsibility

The pulling of crowdfunding campaigns dedicated to paying the legal bills of police officers involved  in questionable shootings raises interesting questions about the responsibilities of hosting sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Terry Collins reports.

Crowdfunding welfare? Australian case raises questions

A Gofundme campaign supporting a university student who adopted his pregnant cousin raises questions about the limits of such efforts and who should be the focus of such campaigns. Interesting food for thought from Kasey Edwards.

Google Wallet accounts now FDIC-insured

Google is placing Google Wallet funds in FDIC-insured banks, so your cash is protected. David Murphy explains.

UK-based alt-fi platform facilitates early invoice payments

At any one time there is as much as $40 trillion in unpaid invoices out there. C2FO connects suppliers with large clients via cloud technology where they negotiate a discount for early payment. This often saves the supplier from needing interim financing. Karl Flinders reports.

Hong Kong falling behind in fintech race

An overly risk  averse climate may be the reason Hong Kong is falling behind its neighbors in fintech development, writes Betsy Tse.

UK’s Assetz Capital raises £3 million + on Seedrs

UK P2p platform Assetz Capital has raised more than £3 million on equity investment crowdfunding site Seedrs. Henry Williams reports.

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