The Daily Dig for Friday, May 1

Some great think pieces to get you ready for the weekend

Perils and advantages of the new economy: lessons from the past

Disruption has been with us for centuries. Car manufacturers were in their early days. Following the path from cars to Uber, it often pays to strike first and deal with the fallout. But not always. Read the Economist article here.

Ways to reduce world’s unbanked

Gallup has some suggestions for reducing the global unbanked population. Great read by Peter van Oudheusden and Jan Sonnenschein.

dopay attracts $2 million in funding

Two million people with jobs do not have a bank account, and that causes problems. Dopay wants to solve them. Learn more here.

Why are Americans crowdfunding healthcare?

They shouldn’t have to, writes Darlene Cunha.

Post-disaster periods ripe for crowdfunding scammers

The earthquake in Nepal has brought out the best in may people wishing to donate. Be careful you are not getting scammed or leaving yourself open to identity theft, writes Katrina Tulloch.

Develop a solid strategy to properly personalize your business

While there are plenty of ways to get useful data on your customers, there are plenty of gaps, and you still need a cohesive strategy to tie in all together. Linda Bustos reports.

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