The Daily Dig for Cinco de Mayo

GoFundMe shuts down campaign for Baltimore 6

GoFundMe has been kept busy removing various fundraising campaigns from its site. Recently it was a Christian bakery and this week it is one for the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Sarah Parvini reports.

(Worst) Bank of America?

There’s something to be said for consistency, though when you’re consistently awful, what is said is not necessarily nice. Such is the case with Bank of America’s customer satisfaction ratings, writes John Maxfield.

Why Sheila Bair wrote Bullies of Wall Street

Greed was behind many of the problems, writes Sheila Bair.

Goldman Sachs exploring small business and consumer lending

Goldman Sachs has hired a former Discover executive to lead a consumer and small business lending unit. Can’t wait to read the GS Elevator Gossip Twitter feed now. Matthew Zeitlin reports.

Jordanian P2P attracts investment

With the new cash Liwwa hopes to fill a significant funding gap for Middle Eastern SME’s, reports Laith Abu-Ragheb.

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