The Daily Dig for Wednesday, May 6

Two views on Lending Club Q1 earnings report:

Struggling to turn a profit

As Lending Club improves its technology, hires engineers, and ramps up marketing, their profit potential vanishes, writes Shelly Banjo.

Lending Club topping planned growth

Loan originations and operating revenue are growing rapidly, says Kevin Wack (free registration required).

See for yourself

View their earnings report here.

Weird crowdfunding campaigns

After the above number crunching we threw in some  lighthearted campaigns, including Farts in a Jar and the Indiegogo campaign to buy Kickstarter. Oliver Wheaton reports.

Democratic presidential hopeful (no, not her) calls for big bank breakup

Bernie Sanders plans to introduce a bill to break up the biggest banks, a move that could end up helping Hillary Clinton, writes Douwe Miedema.

Five ways humanity is hurting crowdfunding

You know you are successful when people use your great idea in sometimes dumb ways, Lyndsey Gilpin says.

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