"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"
"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"

The Daily Dig for Friday, May 8

Singapore P2P seeks overseas expansion one month after launch

The owners of Capital Match want to capitalize on the need in South East Asia, and are not wasting any time, writes Jacqueline Woo.

Four big banks to pay $billions to settle FX probes

"I'm getting probed? That can't be good."
“I’m getting probed? That can’t be good.”

We’re thinking of developing a template that says “(bank name) has agreed to pay a (insert dollar amount) fine for their role in (insert malfeasance) back in (date). That might be easier. Read the Alliance News report.

New crowdfunding platform takes up Christian baker cause

Continue to Give has stepped in to help the bakery owners facing legal fees associated with their choice to refuse service to a potential client after GoFundMe removed a previous campaign. Read their blog here.

Mobile banking finds fertile territory in Africa

A continent with a 25 percent banking rate but 80 percent mobile penetration is ripe for mobile banking, and that is precisely happening in Africa, says this report in the Economist.

New York grants first cryptocurrency charter

ItBit Trust Company becomes the first virtual currency company to receive a charter from New York State. Karen Freifeld reports.

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