The Daily Dig for Tuesday, May 12

Today’s Daily Dig illustrates what a truly global phenomenon alternative finance has become.

LendMe becomes first first New Zealand P2P to specialize in secured lending

LendMe has received a licence from the Financial Markets Authority and will offer loans secured by mortgage. Read the release here.

New Zealand P2P uses crowd to cover insurance deductibles

PeerCover encourages friends to pool resources to help each other cover insurance deductibles. Jenée Tibshraeny reports.

RateSetter Australia CEO sees benefits of partnerships

Daniel Foggo sees plenty of benefits in forging ties with smaller online lenders and traditional lenders too. Shaun Drummond reports.

‘Don’t worry’ about a big bank collapse, says Gruenberg

FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg says a bank will be allowed to fail without causing damage to national and global finances like it did last time. Victoria McGrane reports.

OurCrowd CEO explains company origins

Jon Medved says OurCrowd provides not only funding but other valuable help to Israeli startups. David Shamah reports.

FlashFunders offers increased seed round automation

Early stage investments can cost a startup as much as $80,000 in legal fees. FlashFunders aims to automated much of that work. Jordan Crook reports.

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