The Daily Dig for Thursday, May 14

New raise allows Square to increase business lending

It’s always a good thing when a previous funder comes back for more. In the case of Square, it allows them to increase their lending to small businesses. Leena Rao explains.

Biggies mix with newbies at Finovate

Banking giants and new disruptors both know the way to San Jose, where they are mingling at Finovate. Michael Halloran reports.

Accountants told to learn about alternative finance

Intuit Vice President Rich Preece told a conference of accountants recently that with traditional lending to small businesses at a low point, and with lack of capital access the number one reason SME’s go bankrupt, they need to learn about alternative lending options in order to properly serve their clients. Oliver Griffin reports.

Investment giants looking at student loan refi sector

More than $1 trillion in student loans can potentially be refinanced. Numbers like that catch the eyes of big players, writes Kaitlin Ugolik.

5 big banks to plead guilty may catch breaks

Try to avoid jail time if you commit a felony. You should have been a bank. Ben Protess and Michael Corkery report.

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