The Daily Dig for Monday, May 18

Canadian provinces to allow equity crowdfunding

Six Canadian provinces, including Quebec and British Columbia, will allow equity crowdfunding. Janet McFarland reports.

Banks need to invest in fintech – Deloitte

A Deloitte consultant says India and Indonesia are the perfect places for fintech firms to experiment while helping those regions catch up to others in the fintech race. Joji Philip reports.

Alternative lenders to face bumpier road

As it grows into a bigger industry, alternative lending is bound to attract more regulatory attention, writes Colin Wilhelm.

Regulation coming to Chinese P2P

The Wild West that is the Chinese P2P scene may soon get a new sheriff as Beijing is looking to regulate it. Madhvi Mavadiya reports.

Financial software head calls B.S. on Jamie Dimon

Brian Hamilton doesn’t buy it when Jamie Dimon says bigger doesn’t necessarily mean riskier. He explains why here.


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