The Daily Dig for Tuesday, May 19

Today’s Daily Dig takes you around the world while also providing a couple of suggestions for your summer reading list.

Millennials to influence virtual wallet development

The Motley Fool’s John Maxfield discusses cryptocurrencies, virtual wallets and other developments in an interview with Industry Focus.

British big banks sniffing around fintech incubators

Some of the U.K.’s biggest banks are keeping a close eye on fintech incubators so they are up to date on the latest technology. Lucy Draper and Jack Moore report.

Australian online lenders join call for comprehensive credit reporting

RateSetter and Nimble have joined forces with smaller banks to call for comprehensive and mandatory credit reporting regimes. James Eyers explains.

This is not Washington’s first kick at Wall Street reform

Back in the FDR administration Washington took on Wall Street and Wall Street fought back. Author Richard Farley’s looks at how those earlier battles shaped today’s environment in his new book Wall Street Wars. Jacob Wolinsky has a preview.

Keep an eye on these 30 fintech startups

Some names you’ll recognize and others maybe not, but these 30 companies are making waves in fintech. Miranda Marquit reports.

Smart Money: Book preview

An Economist reporter’s new book explores how financial innovation is changing the world. Andrew Palmer’s new book is reviewed by Brenda Jubin.

Are P2P’s bank partnerships bad for the industry?

The recent development of banks lending money through P2P’s is viewed by some as validation while others see it as a dangerous trend. Jack Torrance has more.

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