The Daily Dig for Friday, May 22

The United States isn’t the only country with politicians being accused of holding back on crowdfunding. Learn more in today’s Daily Dig.

Congress has ability to free up capital

We are in the midst of a money revolution but how quickly it takes hold depends partly on Congress. Brian Knight explains.

Big banks penalized $billions

Five big banks have been fined more than $1 billion each on average for their roles in manipulating the foreign exchange market. Judy Woodruff learns more.

Here’s why Lending Club went public

There are good reasons not related to money why companies should consider going public, Renaud Laplanche tells Eugene Kim.

ConnectNPay aims to boost Singaporean digital commerce

A strategic location between India and China and tens of millions of unbanked make Singapore ripe for disruption. Judith Balea reports.

Australian government needs to do more to unlock crowdfunding’s potential

An opposition politician says despite all the talk, the Australian government needs to do more to unlock the potential of crowdfunding. Josh Taylor reports.

All charities campaigns hope to boost totals through crowdfunding

Winnipeg’s United Way hopes to boost donations by allowing people to directly support causes close to them via a crowdfunding campaign. Learn how here.

Consider the cost before engaging in equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a tad harder than your average Kickstarter campaign, Kendall Almerico warns.

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