The Daily Dig for Monday, May 25

Onset of Canadian marketplace lending brings familiar fears

Some Canadian companies, along with foreign platforms expanding north, are finding the same fears as they promote alternative lending options in a conservative country. Barbara Schecter reports.

Regulation A+ to be a game changer

The options now available to companies looking for funding will have wide-ranging impact, writes Kevin Harrington.

Leniency shown to big banks proves to be divisive

When are multi-billion dollar fines not multi-billion dollar fines? When you are a big bank. Several big banks receiving recent fines caught a few breaks in exchange for guilty pleas, leaving business largely unchanged and a testy SEC, writes Owen Davis.

U.K. platform aims to crowdfund public interest legal action

CrowdJustice wants to tap into the crowd to fund public interest legal cases that would otherwise have trouble getting in front of a judge. Steve O’Hear reports.

Aussie P2P market primed for growth: Morgan Stanley

High mobile penetration and internet banking rates are reasons  peer-to-peer lending is about to surge in popularity down under, Alex Heber writes.

Sub-Saharan Africa driving financial inclusion

The hundreds of millions of people working in Africa’s informal economy are driving fintech innovation that will benefit the world, writes Tilman Ehrbeck.