The Daily Dig for Tuesday, May 26

He beat ’em now he’s joining ’em

Patrick Carroll helped nail Bernie Madoff and dozens of insider traders. He is now working for Goldman Sachs. Patricia Hurtado reports.

Canadian P2P’s look to bond investors

After seeing firms like BlackRock making big P2P loan purchases, Canadian platforms hope the trend moves north of the 49th. Ari Altstedter reports.

New Canadian platform ready for takeoff

Entrevstor’s creators starting designing the platform in hopes Canada would pass crowdfunding laws. Now that six provinces have, Entrevstor is ready to begin. Peter Moreira reports.

Florida commercial real estate crowdfunding platform raises $6M

Acquire Real Estate has been participating in mall financings and other deals. It will have an easier time growing after recently raising six million dollars. Brian Bandell reports.


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