The Daily Dig for Monday, June 1

Former WaMu execs seeking golden parachutes

Several former Washington Mutual executives are still chasing bonuses they believe they are entitled to seven years after the bank failed. Daniel Huang has more.

Aussie regulators to grill Reserve Bank on high credit card rates

Why are credit card rates in Australia so high when official rates are at historic lows? Senior officials better know because the Australian senate is about to ask them. Peter Ryan reports.

Three rends in consumer and small business lending

Speed and the use of personal data are two trends you can expect to see more of in consumer and small business lending. Elizabeth MacBride reports.

M-Pesa expansion sign of mobile money popularity

The Vodafone mobile money payment platform is a hit, and is operating in more countries with high unbanked populations. Learn more here.

P2P increasingly popular in India

The speed at which India’s entrepreneurs are obtaining funding is one driver of peer-to-peer lending’s growing popularity in the country, writes K. T. P. Radhika.

Mobile money accounts aim to attract 40 million Nigerians

The technology will enable the unbanked to operate a regular account via their smart phone. Bukola Idowu and Chima Akwaja report.

Swiss P2P banking analysed 

A new report dives deep into Switzerland’s peer-to-peer lending scene to learn more about the industry. Read more here.