A U.S. one-hundred dollar bill and Japanese 10,000 yen notes are spread in Tokyo

The Daily Dig for Tuesday, June 2

CEO gives Regulation A+ tips

While it is a much welcome step for small businesses seeking capital, Regulation A+ may be a bit complicated. Michael Raneri breaks it down.

SEC is asleep at the wheel

There are several areas in which the SEC needs to step up its efforts, writes Eleanor Bloxham.

Fundrise CEO Ben Miller – real estate crowdfunding “the future of private equity”

Ben Miller has been around since real estate crowdfunding’s early days and believes it will play a much bigger role in the coming years. Bill Stoller reports.

SEC adopts final Reg A+ rules

Regulation A+, now from a legal perspective. Barry Brust and Aaron O’Brien report.

Big banks gobbling up $Billions in overdraft fees

The three biggest U.S. banks are on pace to suck up $20 in overdraft fees for every American adult, writes Heather Long.

Big banks continue to get away with it

Despite numerous scandals, big bank executives are not being personally prosecuted and enjoy eight-figure salaries. Frank Vogl reports.

Big bank business lending on rise

Big bank business lending is set to overtake mortgage lending for the first time since the 80’s. Peter Rudegeair and Ryan Tracy report.

How big data helps nimble businesses in the new economy

New companies like Uber use information to provide a better product and are getting rich doing so. R.K. Paleru explains.

Crowdfunding valuations raise questions

Growing interest in crowdfunding is also growing valuations. That raises important concerns, writes Goncalo de Vasconcelos.

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