The Daily Dig for Wednesday, June 3

Investors urged to look closely at crowdfunding valuations

Those using equity crowdfunding typically part with less of their company than those using other capital raising methods. That is one of several interesting facts in this piece by Judith Evans.

U.K. equity crowdfunding platforms under scrutiny

Crowdcube and Seedrs are being looked at by U.K. regulators for practices which may give an overly optimistic impression of investors chances of realizing a profit. Murad Ahmed reports.

EarlyShares invests in Philadelphia multi-family project

The Philadelphia Residential Fund raised more than $500,000 from EarlyShares to help build a series of one to six-unit properties. Steve Lubetkin reports.

Beau Biden fought for mortgage settlements

Beau Biden worked to hold mortgage companies accountable for their roles in the financial crisis. Phil Hall reports.

Parts of Asia losing fintech race

A look at where the most fintech companies are located does not paint a good picture of the current state of Asian fintech, writes Andrew Foxwell.

Unique U.K. equity crowdfunding firm unveiled

InvestingZone has debuted, with the opportunity to purchase shares in a cloud computing company its maiden offering, writes Judith Evans.

Chinese P2P taking off, attracting regulation

Yes the Chinese P2P industry is booming, but the country’s recent troubles with shadow banking mean regulators want to protect against a repeat. Dinny McMahon reports.

Institutions pondering marketplace lending plays

A recent survey shows strong institutional interest in marketplace lending. Amey Stone reports.