The Daily Dig for Thursday, June 4

Brazilian bank offers microcredit and financial literacy training

Many Brazilians with low incomes are unbanked, partially because the banks have nothing to offer them. The largest private bank is trying to change that, according to this article in the Guardian.

State dithering forces entrepreneurs to create private platform

Malartu Funds couldn’t wait any longer for North Carolina’s legislature to enact crowdfunding laws, so they went the accredited investor route. Lauren Ohnesorge explains.

Bair calls for interest rate hike

Sheila Bair said it is time to raise interest rates. She also believes the next downturn could be worse than 2008. Andy Serwer reports.

Aussie big bank obstructing rate rigging investigation

ANZ has been named as one bank frustrating an investigation, with behavior one regulator calls “absolutely appalling”. Sarah Danckert reports.

Record fines fail to deter big banks

An editorial in a Taiwanese newspaper says high fines have not prevented risky bank behavior. Read it here.

Former Wall Street regulators finding prosperity on the dark side

The list of former federal regulators moving to greener pastures at firms they used to regulate is a long one. Jonathan Marino reports.

High platform failure rate not a deterrent for Chinese P2P industry

Nearly one in four Chinese P2P platforms have failed but that is not scaring people away from the space, writes Shelly Banjo.

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