The Daily Dig for Saturday, June 6

Venture exchange on the way?

A bill called the Main Street Growth Act is working its way through D.C.  and could result in the creation of a venture exchange, writes Chance Barnett.

J.P. Morgan avoids partial WaMu liability

After a prolonged legal battle J.P. Morgan will avoid some liabilities related to failed acquisition Washington Mutual. Learn more here.

Expert panels share thoughts on Regulation A+

David Drake recently attended a “master class” of representatives of companies affected by Regulation A+. He summarizes the event here.

Post-IPO P2P multiple are too high

As the IPO lockup period comes to an end, shares in Lending Club and OnDeck may be too high. Tread carefully, writes Bill Alpert.

Community groups using crowdfunding to augment municipal funds

A community group in Austin, Texas is crowdfunding its share of funds for a project to outfit a local outdoor pool. Once the target is reached, government kicks in the rest. Audrey McGlinchy reports.

The next big banks will be tech companies

The development of technology will completely reshape how finance is conducted in the coming years, reports Diane Francis.