The Daily Dig for Thursday, June 11

Prosper to charge fees to bundling investors

Those who bundle Prosper’s loans will pay extra fees to offset the added cost to the P2P giant. Tracy Alloway and Matt Scully report.

Nonprofit partners with Lending Club to fund risky loans in California

Businesses operating in underserved parts of California have another funding opportunity as a nonprofit has partnered with Lending Club to fund loans to businesses Lending Club would not normally assist. Tanaya Macheel reports.

The reason little banks are being picked off by big banks

“Consolidation”. “Synergy”. They are both part of the reason the number of banks in the U.S. is in steep decline. Jay Jenkins reports.

Tech can play key role in Middle Eastern prosperity

A World Economic Forum meeting in Jordan highlights the important role technology can play in the region’s future, writes John Chambers.

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