New hire helps Merriman Capital enter women’s advisory services market

Merriman Holdings aims to better serve women’s wealth management needs with the hiring of Zoe Sexton  to their Wealth Management Division.

Ms. Sexton will seek ways to capitalize on Merriman’s Digital Capital Network as she develops a women-centric offering, advising women-led businesses and companies with women in leadership positions.

Additional responsibilities include expanding Merriman’s reach with family offices and entrepreneurs by advising on investments, business-succession strategies, retirement planning, trust, estate and philanthropic interests.

Both Ms. Sexton and Merriman Capital believe as the number of women with financial responsibilities grows, so do the opportunities for their wealth management.

“Women as an investor class have typically been risk-averse,” Ms. Sexton said. “I believe the reason for this is that they have often been left out of the finance conversation. Conversation, education and familiarity bring comfort to any subject matter, particularly involving investments.”

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