New Money360 Veep to work closely with investors

Commercial P2P real estate lending platform Money360, aims to increase their level of personal service to clients with the hiring of Laura Catalino as their Senior Vice President of Investor Relations.

Ms. Catalino has two decades of experience in money management and investor relations with private banks, public companies and institutional investors. She also as a solid background in real estate and has a history in matching investors with opportunities, a role she will be playing at Money360.

Money360 CEO Evan Gentry said the increased investor interest in commercial real estate necessitated bringing someone in who could work closely with them to match their goals with existing opportunities.

“Ms. Catalino brings significant experience in working with both institutional and high-net-worth investors to help them identify attractive investing opportunities. She is a valuable asset to have on the Money360 team and we look forward to working with her.”  


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