The Daily Dig for Friday, June 19

‘Mini-IPO’s’ on the way with Regulation A+

Owners of small and medium-sized business now have a capital raising option besides an IPO or venture capital search. Salvador Rodriguez reports.

Renaud Laplanche on the growth of Lending Club

Renaud Laplanche recently shared his thoughts on how Lending Club has evolved, to the point they now work with big banks. Shelly Banjo reports.

Many Filipinos unbanked

A senior bank official shared some reasons why many Filipinos are unbanked. Benel Lagua reports.

Bitpay courting big banks

Bitpay has made a pivot where they are selling their technology to big banks. Nikhil Gupta reports.

Can P2P bridge gender gap in capital access?

While the story centers on India, there are applications here too. Rajat Gandhi reports.

Africa taking to crowdfunding

People from Africa are really taken to crowdfunding, including ex-pats wanting to help causes back home. Gabriella Mulligan reports.