The Daily Dig for Tuesday, June 30

Man starts Indiegogo campaign to make Greek debt payment

If every European donates the price of a decent pint, Greece’s next debt payment is covered, and Thom Feeney’s Indiegogo campaign meets its goal. Ahiza Garcia reports.

Coalition urges FHFA to keep big banks out of secondary mortgage business

Private investor coalition Investors Unite is urging the FHFA to not transfer Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac business to big banks, a move they say will squeeze community lenders out of the market. Learn more here.

UK real estate P2P gaining momentum

CrowdProperty has raised £1.43 million across four properties and expects more where that came from, writes Ryan Bembridge.

Twino enters Latvian P2P market

An executive from Latvian P2P Twino describes the company and its goals. Read more here.