The Daily Dig for Thursday, July 2

Pre-paid bank card use on the rise, raises concerns

More people are using pre-paid bank cards, but many are not aware of what is and is not protected, Kelley Holland discovers.

Post-IPO Lending Club and OnDeck stocks taking a beating

The stock prices for both Lending Club and OnDeck are substantially down from their high points. What that means depends on whose opinion you seek, Leena Rao writes.

Potential dangers of crowdfunding and IP in health and biotech sartups

Fear of disclosing intellectual property is but one issue facing health and biotech startups as they mull a crowdfunding campaign. Learn more here.

PayPal spends $890M on money transfer company

In purchasing Xoom, PayPal is likely looking to increase the number of options for clients looking to send money internationally, Ben Fox Rubin writes.

Big banks outspending VC’s on future of finance

Fintech firms raised almost $14 billion in the last 12 months. Big banks plan on spending $16.6 billion this year in the same areas. Aaron Pressman reports.

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