The Daily Dig for Saturday, July 4

One in four California businesses interested in equity crowdfunding

Survey results from Pepperdine University reveal the majority of California businesses do not outwardly embrace equity crowdfunding. Lauren Williams explains why.

More people crowdfunding medical costs

People suffering from ALS, leukemia and other illnesses are turning to the crowd when insurance doesn’t cover all the bills. Lisa Zamosky reports.

Nonbanks rethinking lending across sectors

New players are using big data to rethink investing, student loans and other sectors, writes Kaitlin Ugolik.

Judge strikes down patent lawsuit against Kickstarter

A small crowdfunding site claimed its idea of soliciting altruistic donations was covered by patent. Kickstarter disagreed and filed suit. They won. Tyler Fisher explains.

How to collaborate with customers

How do Apple, Lending Club and Air BnB engage their customers? Barry Libert, Yoram Wind and Megan Beck Fenley explain.

Equity crowdfunding begins in British Columbia

Startups in British Columbia are flocking to FrontFundr despite warnings from the provincial securities regulator. Stephen Hui reports.

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