The Daily Dig for Monday July, 6

Crowdfunding boosts urban development hopes

Community based project struggling to get government funding should turn to crowdfunding, writes Irina Zhorov.

New European P2P aims to be next Lending Club

Pret d’Union has raised €31 million to help reach its goal of becoming the Lending Club of Europe. Liam Boogar reports.

Aussie P2P’s calling for more regulation

Lack of supervision means one bad actor could damage the entire industry, some Australian P2P’s believe. Richard Gluyas reports.

Holder spins BS on how he changed banking culture

On his way back into private practice, former Attorney General Eric Holder says the big fines levied against banks under his watch changed things for the better. Lindsay Fortado explains.

Banana announces presidential run with crowdfunding campaign

Anton the Banana is running for President and needs your help. Can’t be worse than backing Trump. Learn more here.

Bitcoin could help the unbanked

The emergence of smart phones makes Bitcoin a cheaper alternative to traditional money transfer companies. Nyshka Chandran reports.