The Daily Dig for Tuesday, July 7

Holder returns to big banks’ favorite law firm

"I'm coming for you, well sort of. No need to worry."

“I’m coming for you, well sort of. No need to worry.”

Eric Holder has returned to the law firm he left to become Attorney General, one with several big banks on its client list. Lee Fang reports.

Real estate crowdfunders seek attention from financial planners

Financial planners are now able to offer their clients the opportunity to invest in New York real estate thanks to a pair of real estate crowdfunding platforms. Phyllis Furman reports.

Real estate crowdfunding platform to list on secondary Australian exchange

CoAssets, based in Singapore, raises money for real estate projects across southeast Asia. It begins listing on Australia’s National Stock Exchange tomorrow, Rose Powell writes.

Support growing for Ireland’s P2P industry

Shortly after reaching the €10 million mark, Linked Finance said its sights are on much bigger totals, Peter Bodkin reports.