Federal Reserve Chair Yellen arrives at a meeting of the FSOC at the Treasury Department in Washington

The Daily Dig for Sunday, July 19

Marketplace lending ‘biggest change to banking in 400 years’

Marketplace lending, while only one percent of the market today, could reach 10 percent within five years. Rory Ross reports.

Yellen open to watering down big bank definition

Janet Yellen’s openness to changing what banks fit into the definition should be welcome news to Republicans looking to help Wall Street friends. Joseph Lawler reports.

Canadian interest rate cut unlikely to benefit consumers

With interest rates already very low, the recent rate cut announced by the Bank of Canada may not help the average Jean Doe. Craig Wong explains.

Banks increase SME lending but still have a long way to go

Banks are approving small business loan requests at a 22.1 percent clip, not super hot but much better than the 8.9 percent rate they posted at their low point, writes Benjamin Pimentel.

New Canadian crowdfunding rules helping investment

Many Canadian provinces have adopted crowdfunding rules and have found it is good for business, writes Brenda Bouw.

Many big banks investigating Blockchain technology

Many notable banks are investigating Blockchain technology to see how they can integrate it into their systems, writes Joseph Young.

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