SocietyOne adds experience with new hire

Australian P2P platform SocietyOne has hired a former Lending Club executive as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

Mitchel Harad was most recently Lending Club’s Vice President of Marketing. SocietyOne said he played a key low in growing loan originations more than 30-fold during his tenure.

“Mitch has an amazing track record and was a major contributor to Lending Club’s growth,” said Matt Symons, CEO and co-founder of SocietyOne. “We could not be more excited to have recruited Mitch from the world’s most successful marketplace lender as SocietyOne continues to thrive and accelerate its own growth.”

Mr. Harad sees some similarities between his old and new employer.

“The company is already growing at a rapid pace and is well equipped with excellent management, technology and resources to scale to provide a better alternative to millions of consumers.”

SocietyOne’s Greg Symons looks forward to having someone with experience growing a platform on the team.

“As the pioneer of marketplace lending in Australia, SocietyOne is still a young company. Mitch brings a unique level of maturity and experience as CMO that will be instrumental in driving the business forward.”

The hiring keeps up the momentum which began with the announcement of a $25 million capital raise in February.

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