The Daily Dig for Tuesday, July 28

RocketClub promotes sweat equity crowdfunding

Technology is a competitive environment, with dozens of apps popping up daily. That makes it harder to get attention. A new site proposes people contribute their time instead of their money to help new creations gain traction. Bernadette Tansey reports.

Volcker Rule sneaks in the back door

You may not have heard, what with all that Donald Trump stuff, that the Volcker Rule came into effect last week. Ryan Tracy and Peter Rudegeair explain what it means.

Prosper packaging lemon loans

Prosper will auction off loans 120 days or more into default once each month to a single buyer in a move to “aimed at delivering an increased level of return to investors”. Matt Scully reports.

Non-accredited investors need increased liquidity

Not everyone agrees that an exchange is the way to go, but it does address the problem of illiquid equity investments made by non-accredited investors. Scott Shane reports.

M&A coming to fintech

More developed bankless finance areas are already seeing some activity but less mature sectors like P2P may have to wait before M&A activity picks up, write Anna Irrera and Phillip Georgiadis.