The Daily Dig for Monday, August 10

We here at BT often suggest looking at places like New Zealand and the UK for hints at where the industry stateside might be headed. Today we’ll say it again.

Big banks have history of helping the wrong people

Name a big bank and there are decent odds it has been fined for money laundering for a drug cartel at some point over the last decade. Dan Steinhart reports.

Third entrant debuts in NZ P2P sphere

Auckland-based mortgage broker Squirrel will soon be the country’s third peer-to-peer lender after getting the okie-dokie from regulators. Suze Metherell reports.

UK investors bullish on P2P

Three-quarters of UK investors expect alt-fi to explode in popularity in the next couple of years, writes Henry Williams.

NZ trading platform brings transparency

New Zealand’s first online P2P exchange has been opened. Lots happening down there. Learn more here.

UK P2P scene also booming

Since the FCA took charge of regulation, 178 companies have received interim permission to operate in the market, writes Oliver Haill.

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