The Daily Dig for Saturday, August 15

Dopay aims to serve Egypt’s unbanked

Dopay is a cloud-based payroll service aiming to help Egypt’s large unbanked population. Sara Aggour reports.

Latinos have harder time getting home loans

Even though they drive home ownership rate growth, Latino Americans struggle to obtain financing. Christine DiGangi reports.

6 important crowdfunding trends

The increase in VC’s asking for crowdfunding as proof of validation is but one trend entrepreneurs should note, writes Jodi Helmer.

Brazilian banks see ten-fold profit increase since 2003

Even though their country is faltering, Brazil’s biggest four banks are flourishing, seeing ten-fold profit increases over the last 12 years. Dan Horch reports.

Global big banks facing Forex suit

A court case taking place in London seeks to punish big banks for their roles in the Forex rigging scandal. Ben Chu reports.


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