The Daily Dig for Thursday, August 20

Ukrainian hardware startups learn valuable crowdfunding lessons

Several Ukrainian startups shared lessons they learned from crowdfunding with Andrii Degeler.

Gamer crowdfunding site started by Kickstarter winners

The developers behind several of Kickstarter’s most successful video game projects are starting their own site for gamers. Chris Kohler reports.

Early prepaid card developer says need still high in NYC

The man behind RushCard said low income New Yorkers will benefit from payroll cards. Russell Simmons explains.

Big banks combining efforts on big data

Some Wall Street heavyweights are joining forces to save money as they seek to leverage big data. Glad to see the poor guys saving a buck. Sarah Krouse and Emily Glazer report.

Bank rejections pushing Chinese solar companies to crowdfunding

Even though you can cut the smog in Beijing with a knife banks have little interest in lending to small solar companies, for reasons which should ring a bell stateside. Read the Bloomberg article here.

FDIC sues Mellon for lemon mortgages

The FDIC is suing the Bank of NY Mellon on behalf of a failed Texas bank which lost more than $440 million on crappy mortgages. Jonathon Stempel and Joseph Ax report.

Seniors can benefit from peer-to-peer services

Whether it be sharing rides or vacation homes, there are many ways seniors can benefit from the sharing economy, Maryalene LaPonsie says.

UK regulator swamped with P2P hopefuls

The regulator charged with approving P2P platforms in the United Kingdom is deluged with applications. Learn more here.

Aussie suit highlights need for diversified lending options

An Australian senator’s efforts to lower credit card interest rates is focusing efforts on a 20th century problem. The country should instead work on allowing more diverse lending products, writes Tony Boyd.