LendingRobot partnership with Lending Club to streamline investment process

Lending_Club_HQ_2Automated marketplace lending investment service LendingRobot and Lending Club have collaborated to allow the former’s users to sign up for a Lending Club account directly from the site.

Before this development new LendingRobot investors went through a cumbersome process where they had to visit an external marketplace, create and fund an account, enable API access, go back to LendingRobot, link accounts and set criteria. Assuming they still remember what they were doing and why, they could then begin to invest.

The integration option is only available to individual investors, with an account cap of $5 million.

LendingRobot’s CEO believes the partnership is an important achievement for his company.

“This first of its kind integration with the largest player in the game is a real vote of confidence,” said Emmanuel Marot, CEO and Co-Founder of LendingRobot. “Increasing ease of use and promoting more entrants into the marketplace lending universe is our core mission and works to everyone’s benefit. The simpler we make it for new investors to come online, the larger the marketplace lending industry will grow helping borrowers and lenders alike.”