Real estate crowdfunding aggregation site launches

connectedReal estate investors looking for the most suitable crowdfunding opportunities can comparison shop in one place following the launch of Connected Investors.

Connected Investors was initially created in 2005 as a social network for real estate investors looking for direct access to off-market investment properties being offered by property locators. hedge funds, asset managers and other investors.

Visitors to Connected Investors can select investment opportunities by location, rate of return, investment amount, and other investing parameters.

The addition of crowdfunded real estate opportunities deepens the pool of properties available to investors, says Connected Investors’ founder and CEO.

“Many people are looking for opportunities to build wealth in real estate but the traditional ways create many roadblocks,” Ross Hamilton said. “Through crowdfunding, real estate and investing in particular has been transformed. We recognized this fact and developed an effective, simple, and affordable way for anyone to get involved in a real estate investment.”

Connected Investors’ CTO believes the growing number of real estate crowdfunding opportunities made it a good time to provide investors with a simplified navigation tool.

“Real Estate crowdfunding is exploding before our eyes as evidenced by the growing number of portals that have entered the market,” Marty Coyne explained. “With all of that comes complexity for the investor wanting to find returns. We already had the network, so we simplified the process and in turn, access to the opportunity.”

“We’ve developed a ‘Kayak-like’ responsive search engine that presents opportunities to the investor without having to deal with dozens of different sites.”

Real estate crowdfunding sites see the potential in an expanded and simplified marketplace.

“Connected Investors is bringing awareness to what Patch of Land and what the industry as a whole can offer investors – and they do it in a simple and streamlined way,” said Patch of Land CEO Jason Fritton.