The Daily Dig for Thursday, August 27

Indonesian SME’s face familiar funding issues

The author of this piece is speaking about financing problems facing local SME’s, but they will sound familiar to people most everywhere. Muhammad Shodiq reports.

Mobile money to increase financial inclusion for Tanzanians

Many Tanzanians, especially those living in rural areas, do not participate in the traditional financial system. Mobile options could reduce that number, according to an article in the Guardian.

Five legal issues facing fintechs

Regulations, global discrepancies and governments all pose threats to fintech startups. Larry Downes explains.

Banks warn of dangers posed by budgeting apps

Sharing your account information with apps leaves you vulnerable to financial losses, warn the banks. Sam Becker reports.

China seeks to control P2P industry

With an estimated 2,000-plus platforms, China’s P2P industry has grown essentially unchecked. That may soon change, writes Oscar Williams-Grut.

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