The Daily Dig for Monday, August 31

States file Reg A+ challenge brief

Montana and Massachusetts have filed their first brief as they challenge the legitimacy of Regulation A+. Steven Quinlivan reports.

Canadian banks under mortgage fraud scrutiny

Some Canadian banks are defending their mortgage verification practices after Home Capital cut ties with dozens of brokers due to alleged fraud. Read the Canadian Press report here.

Government to provide regulatory relief for big banks?

Banks have been asking for changes to how leverage ratios are calculated. They may get them, reports David Dayen.

Zopa chief steps aside in restructuring

Giles Andrews becomes executive chairman as Jaidev Janardana becomes CEO. Rebecca Burn-Callander reports.

Fintech marriage with credit unions could attract unbanked

Credit unions were created to serve their members. Fintech helps provide better and more efficient financial services. Might a blend of the two attract the unbanked? Martin Naor thinks so.

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