The Daily Dig for Thursday, September 3

Germany needs to catch up on P2P awareness

The CEO of a German P2P says Germany is behind the United Kingdom and even further behind the United States when it comes to knowledge of peer-to-peer lending. Watch the Bloomberg video here.

P2P payments changing business lending landscape in the UK

Peer-to-peer lending is changing financial services markets in the United Kingdom, says the head of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association.

Malaysian conference hosting global fintech firms

The World Capital Markets Symposium will host fintech firms from across Europe and Asia. learn more about it here.

The benefits of Regulation A+

The New York Law Journal’s Chaim Levin gives a nice review of the history behind Regulation A+ and the benefits it provides. Learn more here.

Barclays testing Bitcoin as a payment system

Among other things Barclays is conducting live experiments with the digital currency. Paul Vigna reports.